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First patient enrolled in the QUEST I clinical study

The Swiss coronary stent company Qvanteq AG enrolled first patient in the QUEST I clinical study

Qvanteq AG today announced that it has enrolled the first patient in the First in Man (FiM) clinical study QUEST I, this is following earlier regulatory approval from the Dutch and Swiss authorities. The aim of the QUEST I study is to assess feasibility and safety of the Qstent, a bioactive, coating-free coronary stent. The Qstent has shown excellent in-growth and low thrombogenicity in pre-clinical studies. Continue reading

Publication: J Biomed Mater, 2015

Effect of oxide layer modification of CoCr stent alloys on blood activation and endothelial behavior

Vincent Milleret1,†, Algirdas Ziogas1,†, Stefano Buzzi2, Roman Heuberger3, Arik Zucker2 and Martin Ehrbar1,*

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