Reduced thrombogenicity of surface-treated Nitinol implants steered by altered protein adsorption

Katharina Gegenschatz-Schmid, Stefano Buzzi, Jonas Grossmann, Bernd Roschitzki, Riccardo Urbanet, Roman Heuberger, Dorothea Glück, Arik Zucker, Martin Ehrbar Blood-contacting medical implants made of Nitinol and other titanium alloys, such as neurovascular flow diverters and peripheral stents, have the disadvantage of being highly thrombogenic. This makes the use of systemic (dual) anti-platelet / anticoagulant therapies inevitable […]

Qvanteq is using MedtechVault

Qvanteq AG is using MedtechVault for secure communication with its notified body, suppliers and customers. About MedtechVault: MedtechVault is the ideal solution for  efficient document and data exchange in the medical device and in-vitro diagnostics industry. MedtechVault enables secure communication between the economic operators like legal manufacturers, [critical] suppliers, authorized representatives, distributors, importers as well […]

SSB+RM Annual Meeting 2019 – abstract presentation

Differential protein adsorption of surface treated Nitinol alloys regulates blood activation K Gegenschatz-Schmid, S Buzzi, J Grossmann, B Roschitzki, D Glück, A Zucker, M Ehrbar Recent research results were presented at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Biomaterials + Regenerative Medicine. Abstract: Stents were developed for overcoming heart attacks and strokes caused […]