Dr. Suk-Woo Ha

Dr. Suk-Woo Ha, Board Member

Dr. Suk-Woo Ha is CEO of Philips AG Schweiz. Before, he was CEO of CHaSu-Wooellpack Packaging/ Medical, Member of the Management Board and Sales & Marketing Director of the IVF HARTMANN AG, Neuhausen and the CEO of FUNNY Hygiene AG, Neuhausen & Kistler AG, Goldach, Subsidiaries of the IVF HARTMANN GROUP. Prior to that Suk-Woo Ha was Global Manager, Research & Development at JOMED AG in Beringen, Switzerland and Department Head, Research & Development at Boston Scientific, Schneider Technology Center in Bülach, Switzerland.

Dr. Suk-Woo Ha holds a Masters Degree in Materials Science from the ETH Zürich and a PhD from the ETH Zürich. He is an EMBA graduate from the University of St. Gallen (HSG).