BoD Title

Board of Directors


Dr. Suk-Woo Ha, Board Member

Dr. Suk-Woo Ha is CEO of Philips AG Schweiz. Before, he was CEO of CHaSu-Wooellpack Packaging/ Medical, Member of the Management Board and Sales & Marketing Director of the IVF HARTMANN AG, Neuhausen and the CEO of FUNNY Hygiene AG, Neuhausen & Kistler AG, Goldach, Subsidiaries of the IVF HARTMANN GROUP. Prior to that Suk-Woo Ha was Global Manager, Research & Development at JOMED AG in Beringen, Switzerland and Department Head, Research & Development at Boston Scientific, Schneider Technology Center in Bülach, Switzerland.

Dr. Suk-Woo Ha holds a Masters Degree in Materials Science from the ETH Zürich and a PhD from the ETH Zürich. He is an EMBA graduate from the University of St. Gallen (HSG).


Dr. Armin W. Mäder, Chairman of the Board of directors & Co-Founder

Dr. ArminMaederA Mäder held senior positions in biotech and medtech companies such as Institut Straumann AG. He was the CFO/COO of the biotech start-up company AC Immune SA in Lausanne, Switzerland. Armin Mäder started his professional career in the UBS Investment Bank where he has worked in business development, business management and has delivered several time critical multi-million projects and business initiatives.

Armin Mäder holds an M.B.A. with a focus in finance from IMD in Lausanne. He graduated from the ETH Zurich with a Master’s degree in Natural Sciences and holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biophysics from ETH Zurich.


Dr. Hans Christoph Tanner, Board Member


Dr. Chris Tanner is a member of the executive management of Cosmo Pharmaceuticals NV (SIX:COPN), a specialty pharmaceutical company in Gastrointestinal Disorders and Endoscopic Procedures and Cassiopea SpA (SIX:SKIN), a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company in dermatology.

He is a member of the board of Cosmo Pharmaceuticals NV (SIX:COPN), DKSH AG (SIX:DKSH), Private Equity Holding AG (SIX:PEHN), PAION AG (ETR: PA8), CureVac AG, a mRNA company, Joimax GmbH, a med tech company in minimally invasive back surgery and he is a member of the evaluation board of Wyss Zurich.

Chris Tanner was at UBS from 1977 to 1998. He was a co-founder of the newspaper group 20 Minutes in 1999, a co-investor in Plus Endoprothetik AG in 2001, and after raising the financing for Cosmo Pharmaceuticals in 2005, joined it in 2006 and brought it public in 2007. In 2015 he led the spin-off of Cassiopea SpA from Cosmo Pharmaceuticals.

Chris Tanner has a diploma (Lic Oec) in macroeconomics from the University of St.Gallen and a PhD on steering migration in developing countries from the University of St. Gallen.


Arik Zucker, Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Arik ZuckZuckerA-newer pursued a successful international job career within global medtech companies covering all aspects from product development to product management, including worldwide market introductions, as well as product life cycle management, etc. Arik Zucker has also worked in strategic business consulting at The Boston Consulting Group.

Arik Zucker graduated from the ETH Zurich with a Master’s degree in Physics.