Stop the activation of the blood coagulation cascade by your medical device

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Qvanteq AG has developed a surface modification – not a coating – that renders titanium alloy-based implants antithrombogenic. Extensive studies have shown that the modified surface suppresses the activation of proteins of the blood coagulation cascade. The technology can be extended from titanium alloys to virtually any material used in medical devices and is therefore […]


SSB+RM Annual Meeting 2019 – abstract presentation

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Differential protein adsorption of surface treated Nitinol alloys regulates blood activation K Gegenschatz-Schmid, S Buzzi, J Grossmann, B Roschitzki, D Glück, A Zucker, M Ehrbar Recent research results were presented at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Biomaterials + Regenerative Medicine. Abstract: Stents were developed for overcoming heart attacks and strokes caused […]